Friday, July 9, 2010

A restart for Wild Things in a Box using Google's eBlogger

Okay, so here's the deal. Sabba (Hebrew for grandfather), aka Dave the Bee Boy, is also an Amazon Associate. From a technical point of view I have been trying for weeks to insert a recommendation of a book where Amazon will say thank you to me in a financially meaningful way. With Mr. I couldn't figure it out. The Amazon code just dropped into this eBlog slicker than hive beetle larve sliding down a frame. (A little bee humor) So the switch is on.  Savtas Creations refers to my creative wife that, in addition to working with bees, likes to make handcrafted dolls using natural materials.  There is a bit of Zen in each doll.

Anyhow, I hope you will join us on eBlogger where we hope to do even more.  Some items I need to check out are inserting pictures, galleries and videos. Hopefully Mr. Google will make it even easier that Mr.

Below you will see Rudolph Steiner book, Bees.  If you are a beekeeper and don't own a copy, you need to get one.  Rudolph was way ahead of his time in studying bees, crystals and other Zen things. I may be misusing the word Zen as I mean it to refer to the interconnectivety of all living things.  Got a better word, le'me know.  I will try and paste past blogs into eBlog so my Rudolph referral will make more sense.

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