Saturday, December 25, 2010

Inserting wax foundation into frames

We are getting ready for Spring.  One of our first steps is assembling new hive bodies and wax frames.  Below is a slideshow of pictures showing how to insert wax foundation into frames. If you click in the picture below you can pause it to allow you to study it in more detail. Double-clicking a picture will take you to the Picasa Web Album where you can see a larger view of the picture .  My mentor, Frank Clements, aka the bee boss, was kind enough to show me how to do this.  Not sure why but it stuck and I can actually insert the wax foundation into wooden frames.

Excuse all of the pictures but thought you might enjoy how my Queen Bee, Rayleen, painted our hive bodies.  Some of our beeyard compatriots may be none too thrilled but what are parents for.

Good luck with your own wax foundation installation.  If you have ideas or questions, please send them our way to

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