Sunday, April 17, 2011

Plan Bee Orchard - Bees need Trees

If you read this month's Bee Culture, you learned that bees are viewed as 6 legged canary's of our environment.
Funny thing bees, they don't like pesticides, herbicides or most any other kind of cides.
Funny thing people, we are the same way but just not as smart as the insects we are attempting to tame.
So, we at Plan Bee have been busy planting trees. Our motto, trees need bees and bees need trees. We believe by creating a healthy bee environment, we are also creating a healthy people environment.

One might say, our lives depend on it.

Below is a little diagram of our little orchard. It is located on the north side of our property a short bee flight away from our 3 1/2 hives. I have all of the trees listed with the month and year they were planted and the supplier. We will be replacing about 1/4 of the trees since we planted them as bare root trees and they didn't make it. At $7.00 for bare root trees instead of $49.00 for some our potted trees they were quite the bargain.

Our one really interesting tree story is about Sandy's miracle peach. Last year a friend of my wife's gave her some small peach seedlings. One of the three made it through the dry summer weather of 2010. I was going to pluck it out but sensed it had some green life left in it. With a tear in my eye I told my wife it was still alive and as long as there was any chance I was going to water the little tree. We were so pleased when spring came and the little peach tree began putting forth small purplish leaves. We have called the tree a Miracle Peach as it should have died but made it through. We are hoping for more miracles on Plan Bee.

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