Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Mom, a Plan Bee update

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Hey Mom,

Plan Bee is located near Liberty, North Carolina. On the way there I visited Julian Milling Company located in the one street town of Julian, NC. The store stocks seed and hardware much as another hardware store we remember your dad owned in Herrick, South Dakota.

The other picture is of chicken waterers that we filled with sugar water for our bees. This time of year is interesting for our bees. The bees are leaving the hive for cleansing flights but are behaving curiously. They are mildly interested in food other than honey. While over at our picnic shelter I noted that the bees were scouting our last year’s boxes filled with frames of built out comb. There were about 20 bees flying in and out and just plain sniffing around. Meanwhile back at the chicken watering devices filled with sugar water there appeared no interest. Maybe they haven’t found it yet. I did grab a bee and dropped her in the sugar water thinking she might go back and tell her friends. Alas, no luck. Oh well.

Last item of note on the chicken waterers. I filled the area where the water comes out with bumble bee marbles. The theory here is that when our bees finally find the sugar water they will not drown while loading up with the liquid. We had purchased the marbles in an attempt to be clever. There was an article in a bee journal about a beekeeper giving new beekeepers marbles and every time the new beekeeper made a mistake he would throw out a marble. When the new beekeeper had lost all of his marbles he would then be an experienced beekeeper. As with many of our ideas, the only ones that thought it was clever was Rayleen and me. Hopefully the bees will take advantage of the marbles to drink from unless they think it is a stupid idea as well.

Thought you might enjoy the pictures.

LOL, your son, aka, the bee boy.

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