Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Trees on Plan Bee

We are still working our forest plan and after having an official NC State Forester visit Plan Bee we were told we were an acre short of the required 20 to become a forest for tax purposes.  As luck would have it, we took our Bee Mobile for routine maintenance @ the local Subaru dealer and discovered they needed to get some extra trees planted for the "Share the Love" event.

The folks @ Subaru were kind enough to provide lots of trees that needed a new home.  We took them to our humble abode in Charlotte, NC and asked our planting team to look over the trees.  Below you will note that in addition to my wife and I, our local planting team consists of a fairy and rock frog.  They both quietly approved of the trees.  Fairies are some interesting creatures anyhow.

So as soon as possible, we drove the trees up to Plan Bee to find them a new home.  After a quick stop at a local supply store for good dirt, we had them planted in the ground.

It took us hours but by the setting of the sun our new trees were sharing some love on Plan Bee.

We will keep you posted on the progress of our new trees.  By the way, these are Eastern White Pines.  As a boy scout years ago I have a fond memory of finding a dry place in an Eastern White Pine forest during a rainy camping event.  The needles are fairly long and soft.  My wife and I look forward to having our very own Eastern White Pine forest.

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