Monday, December 14, 2015

BLACKBERRY TRELLIS - This is version 2.0 of our blackberry trellis. We are modeling this after our grape trellis and using knowledge gained from building our muscadine grape trellis.
TRELLIS - POSTS - The ends of the blackberry line are 4"x4"x6' pressure treated posts that are sunk in the ground 2 feet with 50 pounds of concrete and tamped dirt.
YELLOW LINE - We used yellow tree climbing line to eyeball where our trellis was going to go.
BUTTERFLY BIT - Drilled 4 holes in the wooden posts, 2 in each post, for wire vices for 9 gauge wire. The holes are about 1 1/2" in diameter.
RUN THE FIRST WIRE - We inserted the wire in one post and ran it the length of the blackberry line cutting off the excess 9 gauge wire before running it through the other post.
GREEN HEAVY DUTY METAL FENCE POSTS - We observed other vineyards used heavy duty metal green fence posts to support the 9 gauge wire in the middle of the line. We used 4 posts for about a 100 foot line. The metal posts have metal hooks that can be opened and bent over to support the wire.
TENSIONER - There is a tool that tensions / tightens the wire.
2 WIRES - Run the second line and we are done. Saw where someone else uses 3 wires and tilts the poles at a 30 degree angle for easier berry picking. Perhaps that will be version 3.0.


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